At the root of this

We have had decent progress in two of the three aspects of anorexia that the psychiatrist who heads up our therapy team highlighted back in September when we first placed ourselves in their hands. Our daughter has kept up her increased food intake very well and her weight has increased to 36.6 kilos. This is in keeping with the rate of weight-gain that the team recommends, not too fast and not too slow.

As a result, she has been brighter a lot of the time and school has been going much better.

At the last session, one of the lead therapists clearly thought the time was right tentatively to probe again at the anxiety at the root of our child’s anorexia. It was interesting and, I confess, surprising to see how close this is to the surface still, and how raw she feels about it all. She cried immediately.

We realised quickly that there is little value in papering over the cracks here. We have to get to the root, address the core problems and allow our daughter to heal, I hope permanently. So it was a reminder that this is long haul and that we have far to go. We trust the care team totally and have faith that they would only have brought this up if they thought the time was right.

A return to some of the crying fits at table have taken me by surprise. I realise I had wasted no time at all in becoming complacent.

Peace to all.


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One Response to At the root of this

  1. anotherdad says:

    Glad to hear that things are going well. I’m curious what is involved in probing
    at the anxiety at the root of anorexia.

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